June 7, 2012

 I have a friend who has restored a Victorian home to its original time period style.  The vaulted ceilings are gorgeous with metallic looking metal tiles, and all the wall paper is Victorian print.  The home is full of antiques and she is always finding an amazing piece of furniture to have reupholstered that is of that same time period. I have already decorated a lamp shade to fit on a wrought iron floor lamp to match her drapes.

The lamp shade in this picture would fit the style of her home and I am hoping to imitate this version on a new/old lamp she found at an auction.  Each piece of decorative accessory has so much detail like this lamp that the shade has to be as decorative too.

Many Victorian furnishings had velvet ribbon on them.  This lamp looks perfect with wide sheer olive green ribbon tied in a large simple square knot bow tie.  Double stick tape helps to keep the ribbon from slipping.  You can also hot glue dots or stitch it in places to hold it in place. 

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