Satin Ribbon Trimmed Lamp Shade

Author: Flower Lady
June 12, 2012

Have you ever had trouble finding the right lamp shade to compliment a room after you have redecorated?  Perhaps you didn’t redecorate but only added a new comforter and curtains.  Now your lamp shade is in the wrong color or pattern.  Here is a fun, and inexpensive way to make the perfect matching lamp shade for any room. 

There are a few ways to do this; you can purchase a self-stick lamp shade if you want.  I prefer to use the lamp shades I already have.  This is less expensive and just as easy.  You can use double stick tape and get the same results. You will need fabric, wide satin ribbon, vintage or floral broach.  This Victorian style lamp shade would look wonderful with vintage ribbon, and an antique hat pin.

Choose the fabric you want, lay your lamp shade on the back side of wrapping paper or cut open a brown paper bag to use for a template. Roll the lamp shade a complete rotation and trace its shape on the paper.  Outline this shape in heavy marker, and then add one inch for overlap on each end and top and bottom. Mark that in lighter ink all the way around.

Pin the fabric to the lamp shade.  Place double stick tape around the top rim of the lamp shade and press the fabric to it. Smooth out any wrinkles and tape the inside top over lap down.  Begin with one side and work continuously around to the end and stick long vertical strips of tape and press fabric to it.  When you come to the seam, tape one side down, and fold the overlap under and tape it down.  Press it smooth.  Lastly, tape the bottom of the lamp shade rim inside and out and pull fabric tight to remove any wrinkles, and press down. 

Measure ample ribbon to encircle the lamp shade and create a loop or bow and attach with a pin.  If you choose to drape the ribbon in an angle like shown, use double stick tape to secure it in several places. Trim the ends of the ribbon by folding the ribbon in half and cut in an angle.

It’s just that simple!  Gotta love that double stick tape!

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