Basic Ribbon Lamp Shades

Author: Flower Lady
June 8, 2012

My girls have been my inspiration lately.  It’s funny how much I thought they really thought my crafting was a waste of time only to find out now that they get an idea, Google it, and make it.  Sometimes, I remind them that “mom has a craft blog, you might want to check it out” lol.  But I can’t take credit for this idea. 

Recently our college daughter came home from school with some new crafty things that her friends made together for their rooms.  I briefly saw it as it was heading up stairs.  Then our younger daughter began being obsessed with mod-podge, and reminding me every time I left the house to get some. Soon after that, she asked me to hold a balloon while she wrapped yarn around in random directions.   I couldn’t imagine what in the world she was making.

She tells me she is making a lamp shade. Hmmmmm I could not envision a balloon, yarn and mod-podge ever being a lamp shade.  She then explained how.  Wrap the yarn randomly around a balloon, trying to evenly cover 80% of the space.  Then apply mod-podge to it, let it dry, pop the balloon, and it’s done.  Just insert some string lighting or low watt light bulb.

We are remodeling her room and I want to try using any basic ribbon to create artsy light bulb covers like these.  I plan to make them smaller, and use colors that will accent her room.  I also plan to hot glue mini shells around the ribbon rows for added beach affect.  As long as you don’t use a high watt light bulb, or better yet, the energy saving cool burning bulbs, you won’t have any fire issues. 

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