Sports Ribbon Lamp Shade Fun

Author: Flower Lady
June 15, 2012

I know it may seem I am obsessed with lamp shades currently.  I guess I am, but it is because we are in the middle of doing a room makeover in our daughter’s room.  While looking for ideas to add new details to current furnishings, I keep finding all these great ideas.  So, I thought I’d share it with you. 

Since I have two daughters, I was automatically going to suggest using sports ribbon for a boy’s room. My girl’s rooms have always been girly rooms.  But we are also huge sports fans.  Team ribbon on a plain lamp shade like our favorite basketball team, college teams, or pro football teams would help a simple white lamp shade actually fit into the room.

This shade is decorated with striped ribbon, but the lamp looks as if it could easily be painted to resemble a basketball, with your favorite team colors or actual ream ribbon will add to your sports theme room. 

Even if you are not into crafts, you can fix a lamp shade like this one.  Just cut lengths of ribbon long enough to encircle the shade and tie in a short square knot.  Alternate where the knots are tied for added fun and texture.


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