Grosgrain Ribbon Lamp Weave

Author: Flower Lady
June 10, 2012

I have two lamp shades at home that are so boring and I was just going to go buy new ones or just get rid of the lamps entirely.  My home is not decorated fancy, more like a country simple cluttered sort of home.  Ha  I have to be honest,,, we all know there are no lies on the internet and everything is the absolute truth!  Lol  well… at least what you read from me will be the truth as I see it. 

I don’t have fancy lights, just ones that fit the space.  But this is a very simple way to add color and style to any boring lamp shade.  

All you need is the lamp of course, grosgrain ribbon or whatever you like, a razor knife, and maybe some beads.  You must first, measure around the lamp and mark with a light pencil line about two inches from the bottom.  Just make little dots with the pencil so you know the line is straight all the way around.  Then mark your slits like so.

  (    l l      l l      l l      l l      l l      l l      l l       )

Make sure they are evenly spaced so you can weave the ribbon in and out all the way around. You can thread a bead through each section of ribbon. Finish off with a bow, or just some bead fasteners depending on your style.

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