Grosgrain Ribbon Looped Bow

Author: Flower Lady
December 13, 2012

While doing research for interesting ways to use ribbon to decorate and wrap packages, I ran across this super easy idea!

I plan on using this idea on several gifts this year.  I am sure it works best for square boxes but the same idea can be adopted to work for any box. 

This single faced satin ribbon that is used here looks lovely.  I have a bulk of grosgrain ribbon in many colors.  I can’t wait to try this style. 

Cut a length of ribbon; sit your box in the middle of the doubled ribbon.  Lay the looped end of the ribbon on top of the gift.  Bring the loose ends up through the loop and tie a bow.  It’s just that simple!  Notch you ribbon ends like shown for the finished look. Now every gift can look beautiful and not just have a sticky bow.  This way to embellish a gift is just as fast as a peel and stick bow.   

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