January Awareness

Author: Flower Lady
January 1, 2013

The United States Congress has designated January as Cervical Health Awareness Month. Teal is the awareness ribbon color associated with this type of cancer. Often you will see the teal ribbon combined with a white ribbon.  Many types of awareness ribbons are available to wear to bring awareness to your causes that are made of all types of materials.  The easiest type is to use a grosgrain ribbon or satin ribbon looped and held with a safety pin. You can also add some beads to the safety pin to add a delicate touch.

Each year in the U.S. approximately 12,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and more than 4,000 lives are lost as a result. There are also many more women who have cervical abnormalities and abnormal Pap tests for reasons other than cancer, but who still undergo follow-up exams and treatments.

There are vaccines that block the types of HPV most often found with cervical diseases, and screening tests (such as Pap tests and HPV tests) can identify women most at risk. Cervical cancer can be prevented. Early vaccination (females and males ages 9-26 are eligible) and regular Pap tests beginning at age 21 are the best ways.


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