June 21, 2012


This adorable lamp is going to look wonderful in the new nursery it has been prepared for.  There are so many things that are needed when a new baby comes into a family.  Budgets are tight and anywhere you can save money is a good idea. 

This lamp has been transformed from a dining room lamp into a nursery lamp.  They bought some new ribbon and added all the colors from the quilts and accessories to the lamp.  A simple white shade is now so cute, that the only thing cuter will be the baby in the room. You can even use baby shower ribbon if you want. 

Cut the ribbon long enough to go all around the shade and tie in a square knot at the bottom. Alternate colors and keep adding ribbon until it is full enough to cover the under shade.

New ribbon comes in all the time and isn’t on the web site yet.  So If you are looking for something that you can’t find, please call the toll free number and ask for help.

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