Sports Ribbon Lamp Shade Fun

Author: Flower Lady
June 15, 2012

I know it may seem I am obsessed with lamp shades currently.  I guess I am, but it is because we are in the middle of doing a room makeover in our daughter’s room.  While looking for ideas to add new details to current furnishings, I keep finding all these great ideas.  So, I thought I’d share it with you. 

Since I have two daughters, I was automatically going to suggest using sports ribbon for a boy’s room. My girl’s rooms have always been girly rooms.  But we are also huge sports fans.  Team ribbon on a plain lamp shade like our favorite basketball team, college teams, or pro football teams would help a simple white lamp shade actually fit into the room.

This shade is decorated with striped ribbon, but the lamp looks as if it could easily be painted to resemble a basketball, with your favorite team colors or actual ream ribbon will add to your sports theme room. 

Even if you are not into crafts, you can fix a lamp shade like this one.  Just cut lengths of ribbon long enough to encircle the shade and tie in a short square knot.  Alternate where the knots are tied for added fun and texture.


June 14, 2012

You can change the appearance of any lamp shade by adding decorative ribbon.  I have blogged about many ways to use ribbon on lamp shades.  Most of my other blogs have used the ribbon in a vertical pattern. This one uses animal print ribbon horizontally. 

This is a great way to change a plain and simple shade to match the décor of any room.  Alternating animal print ribbon with a paisley print adds a wild and beautiful theme this shade.  New shades can cost a lot of money.  With a little patience and imagination, you can make it look any way you want.  Double stick tape squares or hot glue will make this decorating project a breeze.

Baby Shower Ribbon Lamp Shade

Author: Flower Lady
June 13, 2012

When I was a baby, my room was decorated in daisies like the ones hanging off of this lamp shade.  The wall paper was pink and flowers all around.  All my furniture was white and my carpet was pink.  This lamp would have looked sweet in there. Baby shower ribbon added to this lamp will fit in any nursery. 

You can change any lamp with a little imagination, patience, paint and ribbon.  As you attach the ribbon to the shade, allow for some ribbon (evenly spaced) so you can attach flowers with hot glue on the ribbon tails. 

Polka dot ribbon would have been sweet for my room too.   I may try this idea for my daughter’s room except I would hang shells and dolphins off where the daisies are. 

June 12, 2012

Have you ever had trouble finding the right lamp shade to compliment a room after you have redecorated?  Perhaps you didn’t redecorate but only added a new comforter and curtains.  Now your lamp shade is in the wrong color or pattern.  Here is a fun, and inexpensive way to make the perfect matching lamp shade for any room. 

There are a few ways to do this; you can purchase a self-stick lamp shade if you want.  I prefer to use the lamp shades I already have.  This is less expensive and just as easy.  You can use double stick tape and get the same results. You will need fabric, wide satin ribbon, vintage or floral broach.  This Victorian style lamp shade would look wonderful with vintage ribbon, and an antique hat pin.

Choose the fabric you want, lay your lamp shade on the back side of wrapping paper or cut open a brown paper bag to use for a template. Roll the lamp shade a complete rotation and trace its shape on the paper.  Outline this shape in heavy marker, and then add one inch for overlap on each end and top and bottom. Mark that in lighter ink all the way around.

Pin the fabric to the lamp shade.  Place double stick tape around the top rim of the lamp shade and press the fabric to it. Smooth out any wrinkles and tape the inside top over lap down.  Begin with one side and work continuously around to the end and stick long vertical strips of tape and press fabric to it.  When you come to the seam, tape one side down, and fold the overlap under and tape it down.  Press it smooth.  Lastly, tape the bottom of the lamp shade rim inside and out and pull fabric tight to remove any wrinkles, and press down. 

Measure ample ribbon to encircle the lamp shade and create a loop or bow and attach with a pin.  If you choose to drape the ribbon in an angle like shown, use double stick tape to secure it in several places. Trim the ends of the ribbon by folding the ribbon in half and cut in an angle.

It’s just that simple!  Gotta love that double stick tape!

Yellow Woven Ribbon History

Author: Flower Lady
June 11, 2012

Did you know that the history of the yellow woven ribbon reaches back way beyond a popular song in the 80’s?  For centuries, ribbons have been known to be a symbol of remembrance of loved ones.  A common phrase I have heard all my life is “the ties that bind” referring to family, and loved ones. 

Military families are very familiar with ribbons and significance.  Military medals have ribbons attached to them, the bar pins have ribbon decorations on them with deep meaning in the colors. 

Folklore tells many stories about ribbon in a lady’s hair, young Christian women in early settlers of the west would wear a ribbon in their hair if they were promised to another and the man had gone off to battle, or other purposes and it would inform everyone that she was not available to court.  In many occasions the man would tie the ribbon in her hair and she would wear it publicly until his return.  When people ask about the ribbon, she can tell others of whom she is remembering.

A song in the 80’s tells of a soldier returning from the Vietnam War and wondering if his wife would still be waiting for him.  He had been gone for years, and he sent her a letter that said if she was still waiting on him to tie a yellow ribbon around a tree and when the bus came through town, he could see it and know it was ok to come home. 

Grosgrain Ribbon Lamp Weave

Author: Flower Lady
June 10, 2012

I have two lamp shades at home that are so boring and I was just going to go buy new ones or just get rid of the lamps entirely.  My home is not decorated fancy, more like a country simple cluttered sort of home.  Ha  I have to be honest,,, we all know there are no lies on the internet and everything is the absolute truth!  Lol  well… at least what you read from me will be the truth as I see it. 

I don’t have fancy lights, just ones that fit the space.  But this is a very simple way to add color and style to any boring lamp shade.  

All you need is the lamp of course, grosgrain ribbon or whatever you like, a razor knife, and maybe some beads.  You must first, measure around the lamp and mark with a light pencil line about two inches from the bottom.  Just make little dots with the pencil so you know the line is straight all the way around.  Then mark your slits like so.

  (    l l      l l      l l      l l      l l      l l      l l       )

Make sure they are evenly spaced so you can weave the ribbon in and out all the way around. You can thread a bead through each section of ribbon. Finish off with a bow, or just some bead fasteners depending on your style.

June 9, 2012

This beautiful vase intrigued me.  I had to try to re-create it.  Of course, I didn’t read the instruction’s first. I just saw this picture and thought,,, hey… I can do this…

Like always, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.  I assumed that by looking at this briefly that it was decoupage.  I assumed that clear craft glue had been brushed on the clear vase and a decorative fabric or doily had been stuck to it. It would have to have another coat of glue for a finished affect. I’m sure that there are those of you out there who can work with that stuff with great success, but it left my vase stiff and shiny.  And it did not look at all like the picture. 

Then I read the directions.  The doily had been stitched on to the vase.  Place the vase in the center of a round doily and fold the edges up, and stitch them together.  Then tie a decorative ribbon bow around the top of the vase.  The clear glass vase will disappear and you will have a stunning vase like this.  All your guests will secretly touch it to see how you did it. 

Basic Ribbon Lamp Shades

Author: Flower Lady
June 8, 2012

My girls have been my inspiration lately.  It’s funny how much I thought they really thought my crafting was a waste of time only to find out now that they get an idea, Google it, and make it.  Sometimes, I remind them that “mom has a craft blog, you might want to check it out” lol.  But I can’t take credit for this idea. 

Recently our college daughter came home from school with some new crafty things that her friends made together for their rooms.  I briefly saw it as it was heading up stairs.  Then our younger daughter began being obsessed with mod-podge, and reminding me every time I left the house to get some. Soon after that, she asked me to hold a balloon while she wrapped yarn around in random directions.   I couldn’t imagine what in the world she was making.

She tells me she is making a lamp shade. Hmmmmm I could not envision a balloon, yarn and mod-podge ever being a lamp shade.  She then explained how.  Wrap the yarn randomly around a balloon, trying to evenly cover 80% of the space.  Then apply mod-podge to it, let it dry, pop the balloon, and it’s done.  Just insert some string lighting or low watt light bulb.

We are remodeling her room and I want to try using any basic ribbon to create artsy light bulb covers like these.  I plan to make them smaller, and use colors that will accent her room.  I also plan to hot glue mini shells around the ribbon rows for added beach affect.  As long as you don’t use a high watt light bulb, or better yet, the energy saving cool burning bulbs, you won’t have any fire issues. 

June 7, 2012

 I have a friend who has restored a Victorian home to its original time period style.  The vaulted ceilings are gorgeous with metallic looking metal tiles, and all the wall paper is Victorian print.  The home is full of antiques and she is always finding an amazing piece of furniture to have reupholstered that is of that same time period. I have already decorated a lamp shade to fit on a wrought iron floor lamp to match her drapes.

The lamp shade in this picture would fit the style of her home and I am hoping to imitate this version on a new/old lamp she found at an auction.  Each piece of decorative accessory has so much detail like this lamp that the shade has to be as decorative too.

Many Victorian furnishings had velvet ribbon on them.  This lamp looks perfect with wide sheer olive green ribbon tied in a large simple square knot bow tie.  Double stick tape helps to keep the ribbon from slipping.  You can also hot glue dots or stitch it in places to hold it in place. 

June 6, 2012


I love to sew.  When my oldest daughter was a toddler, I made several dresses for her and Barbie clothes.  She loved wearing something that her Barbie had a match to.  Cotton dresses are so comfy in the summer.  These simple patterns can be sewn in just a few hours.

Cotton ribbon can be added as an accent color to any little dress as a hem, or sash.  They wash well and can be as dressy or as casual as you like.  Adding a satin ribbon to a cotton dress makes it dressier for Sunday best occasions. Use a gingham checked ribbon on a solid color fabric to add a little country flair.