Holiday Striped Ribbon Wreath

Author: Flower Lady
June 5, 2012

This beautiful wreath was placed at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier a few years ago.  I’m sure it was huge, and rightly so.  I would love to try to re-create this on a much smaller scale. I hope to have it done before the anniversary of my father’s death so I can put it on his grave.

I have a Styrofoam wreath.  I will just pick up a bunch of artificial fern greenery and red, white and blue carnations. In order to get the flowers spread evenly, I plan to stick them in first.  Then fill in with the greenery until the foam cannot be seen. 

A patriotic wreath would not be complete without a huge ribbon bow. The red white and blue striped ribbon will look perfect tied into a poufy bow with long tails.  I will wire it together and wire it round the wreath.  I will also leave wire on the back to attach it to a frame on the stone.

June 4, 2012

One of our granddaughters had a beach wedding.  Our daughter is probably dreaming of a beach wedding since she is crazy about palm trees and all things tropical.  This is a beautiful tropical themed cake.  I’m not sure I can duplicate the texture of the cake walls but I think I can come close to the decorations and overall appearance of this cake. 

The sand can be created by using brown sugar.  This way if it did get a speck or two in the cake, it would be edible too.  I have seen the shells made from candy, or you can buy bags of shells and wash them, or if you are real talented, you can form them from fondant and paint them to be authentic looking.

Fuchsia colored orchids and greenery are lovely as a cake topper and random accents on each layer of the cake.  Cerulean blue satin ribbon is beautifully eye popping added as the water color representation in this cake. 

I can envision the bride’s maids wearing this same color blue sun dresses while carrying similar fuchsia colored floral bouquets. The flower girl could be dropping tiny shells instead of flower petals and of course they would be walking on a sandy beach to meet the minister and say their vows. 

June 3, 2012

It seems these days that decorative packaging and beautiful gift wrapping is a lost art.  Most people just toss a gift in a bag, toss in some tissue paper and call it done… I admit, I’m one of the quickest to do this. 

I’m not knocking gift bags, because they can be decorated very cute and stuffed with a variety of colorful tissue paper.  But I appreciate a lovely wrapped gift or card when I get one.

Animal print ribbon is a fun way to add a unique touch to any package.  This lovely package uses a combination of animal print ribbon, silk flowers, pin striped scrapbooking paper, brown mailing paper and monogrammed embossed tag.  This gift has it all, it has color, texture, style, elegance, fun and fancy touches for one fabulously wrapped gift. 

June 2, 2012

Wedding decorations can be as simple or frilly as the bride wants depending on her budget.  When you plan ahead and buy wholesale ribbon, you can “deck the halls” and not break the bank. 

These pillars are beautiful with the orchid satin ribbon and tulle wrapping them.  The unity candle table is coordinating with the same ribbon draping around the top edges. 

The flowers are nicely done in fuchsia and blush blossoms and add just enough color to make it POP.

June 1, 2012

This patio is beautifully decorated for a Memorial day BBQ.  You can also use this same arrangement for a 4th of July BBQ. 

You may not have the exact decorations but you can easily recreate this table setting with some red, white and blue striped ribbon to embellish the centerpieces, use as napkin rings, hang patriotic balloons, and tie large festive bows on your porch posts. 

Add some flags of course, and don’t forget the watermelon!  It’s a traditional food for the 4th isn’t it?  It is with us.  It only takes a few minutes to transform a plain picnic into a beautiful dining experience!

Baby Shower Ribbon Flag Picks

Author: Flower Lady
May 31, 2012

Spring time is perfect for strawberries.  They are in season, whether you pick them yourself or purchase them at the store, they will be a big hit at graduations, family reunion, and baby showers. 

These pretty pastel polka dot and plaid ribbon flags would be just right for a baby shower. You can also use baby shower ribbon to make flags like these. You will need plenty of tooth picks, and baby shower ribbon. 

Cut the ribbon into triangles, for pennant flags.  Run a thin line of hot glue to the tooth pick and attach the ribbon. 

Camouflage Ribbon Twin Room

Author: Flower Lady
May 30, 2012

These country nurseries are adorably decorated in camouflage.  In the traditional baby boy blue and baby girl pink camouflage it is just adorable! They sell fabric like this that you can make the blankets and curtains from.  Camouflage ribbon will work beautifully for trimming out the diaper stack, pictures, and other decorations.


I can visualize this for a set of twins.  Camouflage is the theme and the color is whose bed it is.  I’m thankful I did not have twins either time. I am also very glad that God knows what he is doing all the time.  I am in awe of moms that have managed to survive twins as newborns and toddlers.  I never thought I would ever get a full night sleep again.  Then teenage years arrive.  No sleeping again.  ha

Polka Dot Ribbon Decorations

Author: Flower Lady
May 29, 2012

 Decorating with and Americana theme is one of my favorites. There is some form of a flag or red, white, and blue decoration in almost every room in my home.  Part of the fun in this style of decorating is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. It is supposed to look rustic, and country. I love the imperfect shape of the stars.  In olden days, they obviously did not have the precision equipment to cut corners or angles.  Most stuff was cut by hand, or carved.

The stenciled word America is a nice contrast on the imperfect star strung with twine rope.  Polka dot ribbon flags have been tied in knots along the twine for a cutesy look.  The twine can be hot glued to the back of the wooden stars or you can actually drill holes through one of the points and thread it through.  You would still want to put a dot of glue by each hole to prevent it from sliding.

May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day! 

For today’s Americans, this weekend means the beginning of the summer and opening of the pool or boating weekends.  Cookouts, BBQ’s with family or friends and either going to the race or listening to it on the radio is the usual way the weekend is spent.  But when I grew up, the daughter of a career military father and veteran, and long history of military family members, the Memorial Day weekend was the opportunity to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service of their country. Of course we also brought flowers to decorate the other loved ones grave sites. When I was a child, everyone called it Decoration Day.

We also had a cook out with family or friends usually while watching the race on TV or listening to it on the radio.  Strawberry short cake was a traditional dessert and the food was almost always grilled burgers and dogs. This amazing pie would have been great to have today, maybe I will make one like this for the 4th of July.

Sometimes mom would decorate with flags, and sometimes she would have checkered race flags around. The decorations were fun, and there were always napkin rolled plastic tableware held tight with some variety of ribbon she had.  Funny, she would say it was vintage ribbon but we would laugh and call it old ribbon when she couldn’t hear. 

You can buy new ribbon that looks like vintage ribbon for all your decorating and craft needs. Vintage ribbon would work wonderfully to make bows for the floral decorations you take or make.

Decoration Day dates back to the civil war.  It was more widely knows and celebrated after World War 1.  Many areas just set aside their own day of significance depending on when the war went through their area.  In May 1966, nearly one hundred years after its initiation, Decoration Day, was made a national holiday by President Lyndon Johnson. It’s impossible to prove conclusively the origins of the holiday day since there are so many stories of how it started. It is more likely that it had many separate beginnings; but for all the same purpose to encourage a gathering of people to honor the war dead in the 1860′s.

May 27, 2012

A previous post mentioned decorating in Old Americana style. There were cut out stars in that one as well but instead of using plaid ribbon like they did on this one, they used polka dot ribbon.   


I was raised to be very patriotic.  I was taught how to properly and respectfully fold a flag and all the hundreds of ways to never treat a flag.  There is something patriotic in almost every room in our home. 


I really like this idea.  I love to paint wood crafts and have access to the all the wholesale plaid ribbon I could ever need and afford.  In the previous post I mentioned placing a dot of hot glue at each hole where the twine comes through to keep it from slipping.  I will probably do that on this idea too.  Then I can randomly tie the plaid ribbon along the star garland.  And I will hang it from my fire place mantle.